September 30, 2018

Community Events

Building a happy, healthy, and sustainable community requires community engagement. Here are a few tips on inspiring others to take part in community activities.

  • A convenient option for some people is to meet in less formal places. Therefore, consider meeting in a coffee shop, community center, bookstore, park, or anywhere that people are more likely to gather without thinking twice about it. Get to know the police officers in your area with “Coffee with a Cop”. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? 


  • Make your engagements fun and family-friendly. You can also sponsor a family movie night at the fire station or a game night at the local community center. We love game nights!


  • People are more likely to get involved and give their time and money when they feel like their perspectives are heard and considered.  


  • Different cultures can make people feel out of place or confused. In other words, learn about the cultures of your local community and don’t dwell too much on a specific instance that made you feel uncomfortable. It’s all about building a relationship. Avoid being too sensitive. 


  • Consider partnering with other community leaders or families. Ideally, you should partner with the event organizer so that you can maximize your exposure. Consider organizing a fun family event and inviting others to participate. People love to be acknowledged, so introduce yourself to your neighbors and community leaders. Let them know you’re available to help.